Ubuntu 16.04+ Debian 9 CentOS 7 RHEL 7 Fedora 25/26 (best-effort) HypriotOS v1.0.1+ Container Linux (tested with 1800.6.0)

Installing Docker kubeadm, kubelet and kubectl

kubeadm: the command to bootstrap the cluster.

kubelet: the component that runs on all of the machines in your cluster and does things like starting pods and containers.

kubectl: the command line util to talk to your cluster.

Kubenetes Cluster

start Master node

$ kubeadm init --pod-network-cidr=

Installing a pod network add-on

$ sysctl net.bridge.bridge-nf-call-iptables=1
$ KUBECONFIG=/etc/kubernetes/admin.conf kubectl apply -f
$ KUBECONFIG=/etc/kubernetes/admin.conf kubectl -n kube-system delete ds kube-proxy
$ docker run --privileged --net=host kube-proxy --cleanup
$ KUBECONFIG=/etc/kubernetes/admin.conf kubectl apply -f

Install Dashborad

$ kubectl apply -f

Allow deploy on Master node

$ kubectl taint nodes --all

Worker node join

$ kubeadm join --token <token> <master-ip>:<master-port> --discovery-token-ca-cert-hash sha256:<hash>

Install Helm (Package Management Tool)

$ helm ls
$ helm repo update
$ helm install stable/xxxx